Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Constitution is outdated?

Some argue that the Constitution as written does not apply to the problems we face today, so we cannot follow it blindly. I argue that the problems to which the Constitution proposed solutions mirror our current problems. Consider the reason for the migration to the United States, as outlined in the Declaration of Independence: to free the Independent States from despotic government control. In describing this control, the Declaration of Independence states, "for imposing Taxes on us without our Consent." Freedom from unrepresented taxation also motivated the 1773 Tea Party; the people opposed taxation from entities outside their immediately elected representatives. We seem to have lost the ability to recognize the signs of despotic government control. Perhaps instead of denouncing the document which led to centuries of prosperity, we should just sit down, read and learn from it.

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  1. The Constitution is Graeco-Masonic anti-Catholic that is why it allows contraceptions and abortions. It was not until the Ellis Island offspring put forth the New Deal that we began to be freed of its oppression. If we bilingually translate it into Spanish, we will further make it better. The Ohio public schools were originally run by the Catholic Church. We must join with the anti-Federalists to return to private ordering of things. We don't need the Constitution, it is Judaic Deuteronomy Law, not natural law like Roman, the law of the Second Charlemagne, Napoleon, which should rule the earth, starting with our great Fourth Empire of the EU at Brussels. Prussia is Great because Prussians are really Lithuanians, so it is just that Merkel should be the Fourth Charlemagne to rule the world together with China and Islam. Is must blessings Brzezinski for Sineurabia Code uniting Roma, Mecca and Pekino against arrogant, aggressive Greeks, Jews and Hindus.