Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ron Paul's Predictions

Ron Paul Calls Obama's Bluff
No surprise here, I think any conservative could see through this con artist.

Ron Paul Predicts 9-11
Well this one is a little more interesting. How could he have possibly known we were going to have blowback? Oh, he what? He was researching recent history? That could help.

Ron Paul Predicts The Housing Market Collapse
So he knows his economics. Well, that's one thing we haven't had in a president for decades.

Ron Paul Predicts Everything Else
Okay, that's just impressive. He was a physician, is a 12-year-running Texas Congressman, master economist, and freedom fighter? What doesn't this man do?!

You've got to be kidding...
He hit the only over-the-fence home-run in the history of the annual congressional baseball game. What a boss.

Still think he's just an undercover hippie? Find out why he has 10 times more support from active duty military and retired veterans than ANY OTHER REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE:

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