Sunday, February 19, 2012

Having Trouble Counting

How does this man still have a job?

So in-case you weren't following before, Charlie Webster of the Maine GOP office announced a winner last Saturday before many districts even held their caucus, and added that the votes that come in after the 11th will not be counted. This wouldn't have been such a big deal if the first and second place winners weren't less than 200 votes apart

After being attacked by voting fraud by Ron Paul supporters, the GOP office made an effort to get the rest of the "missing" votes and during the process admitted to a number of clerical errors including some of the emails from the voting districts going to the spam folder. But, regardless of their inability to handle the most basic of tasks (ie: counting), they now claim to have the total number of votes, but won't release them until March 10th.

If this isn't voter fraud, I don't know what is. After calling an incomplete vote, gathering the real votes, they now won't release the final tally until after super tuesday? Is it just me, or is it clear what's happening here? If the new count didn't change the result, why wouldn't they release the information immediately? It would just be confirming that their initial guess was correct. Which leads me to believe that, in-fact, Paul may have won the straw pull, and they're keeping the results so he doesn't build momentum in other primary elections.

Again, all they have to do is release the information and the real count (assuming they haven't tampered with it), and all of these suspicions disappear. So why the hesitation, Charlie?

Unfortunately for Webster and the rest of the GOP, Ron Paul supporters are used to this kind of thing; censoring him from the media, from polls, and now election results. Yet, you will not meet a single "ex-Ron Paul   supporter" because Paul's support, much like his message, remains consistent. His number of supporters only GROWS, and will continue long after he's gone. Eventually the liberty movement will out-number the establishment and action will be taken to restore the constitution and free America - let's just hope all of our freedoms haven't been stripped from us before that revolution comes.

Call the Maine GOP office immediately, and DEMAND TO KNOW THE TRUTH. 207-622-6247

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